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Rabu, 13 April 2011

hpi racing

Drifting with American Muscle Car Style!

The RTR Sprint 2 Drift Sport is a fun, easy to drive and simple to maintain street car, featuring a completely pre-assembled chassis with all the major electronics installed. You get a full set of high quality HPI electronics, from the 15-turn Firebolt motor to the SC-15 electronic speed control and TF-1 radio gear. All you have to supply are the 8 AA batteries for the transmitter, plus the battery and charger for the car. Supplying the Sprint 2 Drift in this form allows you to pick and choose the exact battery/charger setup you want, so you can be ready for full throttle racing or hours of car park fun!

The Sprint 2 Sport is now fitted with the instant classic 2010 Chevrolet Camaro bodyshell for muscle car good looks and amazing performance!

Drifting is the ultimate expression of motorsports individuality and mayhem while staying on all four wheels! With the RTR Sprint 2 Drift Sport, you get a super-easy and very cool entry into get into the wild and crazy world of RC drifting!

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