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Jumaat, 22 April 2011

73.4 MPH * CEN CT5-S

73.4 MPH * CEN CT5-S BMW 320i Radio Remote Control R/C Nitro Gas Car RTR 2-Speed

 Ini lah model kete minyak aku... dengan harga RM1+++.++

-Release the inner speed freak within-
World's Fastest Nitro RTR Sedan 73.4MPH
Winner of Top Speed Competition by R/C Car Action

Skyion DSX (Digital Spec Xtreme) Digital Radio System
Skyion Racing's new DSX radio offers more versatility than ever before!

Drivetrain 1 : 73.4mph at your fingertips
Drivetrain 2: "Conquer the Track"

     CEN Racing has changed the Nitro Sedan racing world. CEN introduces the all newly designed CT5. This state-of-the-art racing sedan incorporates months of extensive testing from all parts of the world to bring you the fastest, most reliable car on the market. This high performance racing sedan comes standard with all the performance true racers demand.
     The CT5 on-track performance surpasses all other models in its class. Many tuning options have been built into the chassis design to allow the driver to adjust to any track conditions.

CT5 Spec
1:10 Scale Radio Controlled Nitro Racing Car
Fout Wheel Drive (3 belt drive train)
Bevel Gear Differentials
WheelBase: 260mm (10.24")
Width: 196mm (7.72")
Weight: 1900gm (67.8oz)
Gear Ratio: 4.875/6.825 (1st/2nd gear)
Ground Clearance: 8mm (0.31")
Tires: 26mm (1.02") width x 65mm (2.56") diameter

NX-15 Big Block Lighting Engine
Big Block 2.5
3 Ports
Dual precision crank bearings
SG shafts
True ABC construction
Rear exhaust
Slide Carb
"Dual Speed" System
2 in 1! The CT5 racing sedan from CEN Racing comes with an alternative drive train. The choice is yours! Reach speeds of up to 75mph, or hit the local on-road track with blistering low end speeds to help you conquer your competition. The diversity of the CT5 by CEN Racing allows you to express the inner speed freak within, whether it's at the track or in the parking lot.

Subaru WRX    / Mini Cooper   / Porsche 911 GT  3 / BMW 320i  / Mercedes CLK-DTM   / Ford GT

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