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> High performance parts are color coded white, cool gray, and warm grey. Not only does this enhance the style of the truck, it lets you know at a glance which part is the high response performance part.

> Stiffer composite main chassis that quickens the overall response of the truck.

> Firm front arms give more precise steering feel while the rear arms help free up the truck in corners.

> Firm shock towers provide less flex, allowing the shocks to do more of the work. Much more responsive to oil and spring changes.

> Firmer skid plates: jump take-offs and landings are more aggressive. Less compliance means sharper response.

> Firmer bumpers offer more body protection.

> Composite front bulkhead: keeps the front end more rigid, allowing for a more precise and responsive front suspension.

> Aluminum front arm mount: much more precise front suspension action. Set screws keep the aluminum from wearing and also take full advantage of the firm front arms.

> Aluminum shock bodies provide more precise action for improved chassis response.

> Aluminum shock top caps provide more precision and response. They also have enhanced bleeding function when building shocks.

> Aluminum cartridge cap allows a delrin washer to be added between o-rings to reduce shaft deflection and friction.

> Pre-load lock collars allows locking of collars so preload adjustments don't change.

> Firm suspension mounts: more precise alignment of suspension helps make adjustment more noticeable. Parts develop less play over time and take full advantage of the firm rear arms.

> Ball differential: ceramic diff balls mated to a ball race and a steel gear ensuring you get great ball diff action without compromising the strength of the all-metal drivetrain. High quality outdrives ensure long part life. The diff is easily adjusted with a 2.5mm driver so you can tune the feel to your driving style. The diff also shaves 20g of rotating weight from the gearbox.

> Universal drive shafts free up the drivetrain and allow more extreme suspension settings.

> Trailing vs. Inline: both types of steering blocks are included to help you tailor your truck to your driving style and performance requirements.

> Heat sink motor mount offers a more rigid mounting of the drivetrain to the motor and has improved cooling potential so you can run those hotter winds even faster.

> Lightweight slipper/ spur carriers decrease rotating weight in the gearbox and simplify installation.

> Titanium top shaft: the input shaft to the gearbox is now titanium to further reduce rotating weight and make the most of the powerplant.

> Aluminum locknuts are used throughout the chassis to lighten the chassis, especially in un-sprung assemblies making the chassis more responsive.

> 7075 aluminum ball studs further increase responsiveness of the entire suspension and steering systems and remove weight.

> Titanium turnbuckles greatly decrease the weight of the suspension and add style to your linkages.

> CNC serrated aluminum, large diameter wheel nuts used at each corner allow the fastest maintenance and offers the most wheel holding torque to prevent wheels from loosening.

> High impact firm ball cups: more suspension precision and more driver feedback.

> High quality class 10.9 and class 12.9 hardware used throughout for ease of maintenance and durability.

  • 540-size Motor
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Radio Transmitter & Receiver
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Wheels
  • Tyres
  • Tyre Inserts
  • Polycarbonate Spray Paint

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