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Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012


Low-Current Motor Gearbox (3-Speed)

Low-Current Motor Gearbox (3-Speed)

Highly-Efficient Gearbox
This gearbox features a highly efficient motor which can be powered 
by either 1.5-3.0V alkaline batteries or solar panels (0.5V, 1.5V). 
Compact gearbox is made from transparent ABS plastic. 
High-efficiency means a long running time, and three different gear 
ratios enable a wide range of applications. Gearbox attachment holes
 feature 35mm distance to allow compatibility with separately available universal plate products. The set also includes a 3mm hex drive shaft and crank plates which can be used as wheels.

ALL IMFOMATION FROM www.tamiya.com



Subaru Impreza WRX STI Team Arai (XV-01 Chassis)

【 Hokkaido Winner 】 This 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit reproduces the Subaru Impreza WRX STI Team Arai which took victory at Rd.5 Rally Hokkaido during the 2011 Asia-Pacific Rally Championship. The sporty form of the Impreza has been realistically reproduced by the polycarbonate body and the roof intake and square-shaped side mirrors are depicted with separate parts for a sharp finish. The distinctive markings of the race car can be easily depicted with the included stickers. In addition, rally block tires with inner sponges are matched with 16-spoke wheels to allow you to experience dynamic R/C rally driving.

【 Rally-Ready XV-01 Chassis 】  The XV-01 chassis offers exciting R/C driving action on both tarmac and gravel surfaces. It features a front-motor, belt-driven 4WD layout with the gearboxes, drive belt, battery, and R/C unit areas protected by covers against dirt and debris. Holes in the bottom of the chassis further help remove any debris which manages to get onboard to ensure unhindered off-road performance. In addition, detachable wheel well liners help prevent mud and gravel intrusion. Gear differential units enable customization with different viscosities of differential oils. 

A hatch on the underside of the chassis enables quick access to the battery and R/C unit connectors.

 R/C units are installed on the right side of the chassis, and their covers are detachable.

Box-like main frame incorporates covers to provide protection against dirt and debris. 

Front double wishbone suspension with CVA shock units and long tie-rod steering system.

Front and rear wheels can be fitted with the included well liners to protect against dirt and debris.

Rear double wishbone suspension features reversible-type arms and separate front suspension mounts
ALL IMFOMATION FROM www.tamiya.com

Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012



Easily and quickly change the settings on your Flux Reload, Flux Rage, Flux Pro competition and WP-series Flux speed controllers with this simple to use ESC Program Box V2!
With the ESC Program Box V2 you'll be able to make fast setup changes in the pits without any complex button-pressing or looking at the manual - it's the ideal solution for racers and anyone who wants to tinker with their power setup! You can change settings in the pits without using a computer, with the value of each setting displayed on the screen of the Program Box.

When used with the #101830 Flux Pro competition speed controller and the latest version of the USB Reload software, you can access the complete data logging on your computer in the pits!

Compatible speed controllers include:
#101830 - Flux Pro competition speed controller
#101749 - Flux Reload V2 Waterproof Brushless ESC
#101712 - Flux Rage 1:8th scale 80Amp Brushless ESC
#101278 - Flux Reload Brushless ESC

Click here to download the USB Reload software (right-click and choose Save As)
Note: Always make sure that you have the latest software installed.
Check the version number of the latest available download and compare it to your installed software to be sure.


Ken Block WR8 Flux with Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. Body

HPI is proud to introduce the action-packed partnership with famed international super star, Ken Block, and his Gymkhana Five edition Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V.. To kick off this partnership, HPI is releasing an exact scale replica of Ken Block's 650hp Gymkhana Five Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. which was recently unleashed on the quiet streets of San Francisco in the latest edition of the widely popular Gymkhana video series. The 4WD1/8th scale RC platform for this asphalt shredding monster is HPI's recently launched WR8 Flux with brushless motor technology, capable of reaching speeds of up to 60 mph! The Ready To Run kit features a highly detailed scale replica Ken Block Gymkhana Five Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. body, replica tarmac Gymkhana tires and replica fifteen52 Tarmac wheels.

The HPI WR8 Flux is powered by a 4000Kv HPI Flux Vektor motor, 2S/3S LiPo capable HPI Flux VAPOR Pro electronic speed control, full time 4WD shaft drive technology and sealed super tough adjustable gear differentials. It's ready to fly over jumps and blast down the road just like Ken Block's full sized Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. from Gymkhana Five.

True-to-scale tarmac Fifteen52 wheels!

The 3mm aluminium chassis is the foundation of a tough and durable racing machine, and features composite braces front and rear, cool silver anodizing and countersunk screws on the bottom for zero interference going over obstacles. The dirt guards keep the worst mud and dirt from getting into the chassis and protect the chassis as well.

With the capacity to handle 2S and 3S LiPo power, the Flux VAPOR Pro electronic speed control is able to handle the latest, most powerful batteries you can fit in the WR8 Flux. The VAPOR Pro features an integrated cooling fan to keep it cool in warm conditions, reverse so you can back out of jams with ease, and for maximum adjustability it's fully programmable with our optional #100573 USB Programming Kit.

The Flux VEKTOR 4000 motor delivers massive power - plenty of juice for instant acceleration and enough power to pull out of just about any sideways drift. Option pinion gears are available to fine-tune the speed and torque delivery! The brushless design assures maximum performance with nearly no maintenance required.

The extra-strong & waterproof SF-10W servo is ideal for bashers and racers looking for a strong and durable servo for absolutely any kind of condition, and it's the perfect fit to handle the steering and throttle/brake duties in the WR8 Rally. The servos are mounted to an orange-anodized aluminium plate for extra durability and control.

Fully adjustable silicone oil filled shocks dampen the bumps and is completely tunable for on road or off road terrain.

Thick front and rear sway bars are fitted for precise handling on all kinds of surfaces.

Fully adjustable suspension arms features droop screw, multiple shock mounting positions and structural reinforcement for increased durability. New mudguards are held securely in place via two button head screws while the mud guards themselves protect the shock shafts from debris in order to promote increased seal longevity.

The WR8 FLUX is equipped with a shaft drivetrain. It also includes three oil-filled gear diffs with bevel gears, a full-time 4WD drivetrain supported by rubber-sealed ball bearings, high-strength steel driveshafts, axles and much more!

Controlling the Ken Block WR8 FLUX with Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. is easy with the HPI TF-40 2.4GHz radio system. There's no need to worry about changing crystals, the radio prevents frequency conflicts automatically. The TF-40 pistol grip transmitter features adjustments for steering trim, throttle trim, steering dual rate, end points, servo reversing switches, low battery indicator and a 3rd channel for optional accessories.

REPLICA TARMAC GYMKHANA TIRESOfficially licensed by Pirelli - these tires are the ultimate in scale realism

   all infomation from www.hpiracing.com

Jumaat, 30 Mac 2012

SPADA 09L NISSAN March Cup Car

Race a realistic compact car powered by the SIRIO 09 engine at breathtaking speed!
User-friendly high-performance creates a fresh new racing experience.
Having made its worldwide impact with the Mini-Inferno 09, the SIRIO 09 engine is now loaded on the SPADA 09 chassis with a 24mm longer wheelbase to launch the ‘SPADA 09L’. To realize its maximum power, the 4WD and 2-speed A/T drive train are combined with a high-performance suspension system. The simple chassis design requires no difficult setting adjustments to deliver its excellent running performance, as Kyosho’s many years of racing experience and know-how have been applied for a setting-free chassis that delivers controllable high-speed. The perfect introduction to GP cars or as a second car, the realistic body form and rubber tires recreate the atmosphere of real car racing.

Rigid front axle greatly contributes to driving stability and supports rubber tire performance.

SPADA 09 wheelbase has been lengthened by 24mm for great running stability and dimensions even closer to the real car.

Newly designed rear axle suspension moves the axle mount with suspension stroke for superior control characteristics.
Includes SIRIO 09 engine with easy-start and adjustment features. Also includes clutch, manifold and tuned muffler.

Includes official NISMO decals. Paint the body in a single color, and apply the decals so you can start your own March Cup.
  • Chassis designed specifically for 1/10, 09-size engine scale touring car racing.
  • 2-belt drive 4WD delivers excellent racing performance.
  • Equipped with 2-speed A/T unit as standard.
  • Features rear ball differential.
  • 3mm thick Aluminum delivers a high rigidity and strengthened main chassis.
  • 38cc fuel tank provides longer run time.
  • Design officially approved by the manufacturer for accuracy in scale form and detail.
  • Standard size servos can be used.
  • Uses same brake unit as the V-ONE Series models.
  • Includes AAA-size battery box with BEC connector for the receiver.
  • Compatible with the Ni-MH battery pack for the Mini-Inferno 09 receiver.
  • Includes 14 ball bearings in full bearing specifications.
  • Front & Rear is fitted with high-grip rubber tires that add to scale appearance.
  • Simply attach the officially approved NISMO die-cut decals after painting the body in a single-color to complete. You can even recreate the atmosphere of the March Cup by attaching your favorite racing number.

< Required for Operation >
  • 2-channel 2-servo R/C system for cars
  • Starter box for engine starting (MULTI STARTER BOX 2.0)
  • 7.2V battery pack for starter box
  • Batteries for glow plug heater
  • Batteries as specified for transmitter and 4 x AA-size alkaline batteries for receiver
  • Fuel
  • Paint for the body
Regarded as the gateway to motor sports, the March Cup attracts a huge number of entries. This one-make race with the Nissan March gives many drivers the taste of what motor racing is all about. The 1200ccM/T K12 March is the base model for this event. Whether the car is new or used, if it meets the specifications set down for the race, it can be entered. Racing for the pure enjoyment and excitement of motor sports is something that the March Cup and Kyosho R/C have in common.

infomation from www.kyosho.com

Selasa, 20 Mac 2012

MINI-Z Moto Racer MC-01 2.4GHz

MINI-Z Moto Racer MC-01 2.4GHz
E-gyro with precision setting optimizes driving stability across the entire speed range!
Enjoy running direct lines and full banking turns! Micro MOTO Racer is ready to excite!
Kyosho captures the fascinating world of the motorbike racing in the palm of your hand with the stunning realism of the new MOTO Racer. MINI-Z quality and engineering guarantee performance that will leave onlookers speechless as the driver appears to control the bike with stability through straight lines and deep banking turns. Incorporating the same theoretical driving control as a real motorcycle, the steering control logic and the driving control system allows the model to be maneuvered freely like no R/C racing bike ever before. Amazing two-wheeled vehicle stability has been achieved with the advanced E-gyro System featuring an in-wheel rotator from a brushless motor built into the rear wheel. Powerful motor drive delivers efficient gyro effect to realize driving stability. Regardless of speed, the E-gyro allows stable straight line running and cornering. In addition, separate RPM settings for low speed and high speed can be made on the E-gyro to favor greater stability or greater maneuverability. For example, the E-gyro’s RPM can be set at high RPM for greater stability for driving at slow speeds, or the RPM can be reduced for easier banking turns at higher speeds. The E-gyro can be set to suit your skill level or however you prefer. This combines with the suspension systems on front and rear to deliver super smooth handling. Also, with the newly designed FHSS 2.4GHz R/C system, up to 40 models can be raced at the same time. The model is fully pre-assembled and the Readyset includes Li-Po battery and charger. Simply add your own batteries to the transmitter and charge the included Li-Po battery to experience the thrill of driving your own racing motorbike. 


1/10Touring Car Size 200mm/Use offset wheels for 190mm width chassis

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X body from HPI Racing captures the look and feel of the full-size turbocharged 4WD street car. The Evo has always been known for outstanding performance, and the Evo X takes that formula and adds the latest technology to make it the fastest production Evo ever.

Get yourself the RC version of the Evolution X, designed to fit all 1/10 scale touring cars. Included with the body is a pre-cut decal sheet that includes window lines, headlights, grills, tail lights, official logos and much more, providing you with a realistically finished product.
This body is clear so you can paint it in your favorite colors. It fits 200mm touring cars and can also be used on 190mm touring cars with the use of wide offset wheels. Overspray film is included, as well as vinyl window masks to make painting quick and simple. An instruction sheet is included for the decals, and the body has dimple marks for body post drill locations.
  • Photorealistic die-cut premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlights, tail lights and more, plus official logos!
  • Front and rear light buckets
  • Overspray film and pre-cut vinyl window masks make painting fast and simple
  • A decal instruction sheet is included for decal placement
  • The body has dimple marks for body post drill locations
  • Molded from clear polycarbonate plastic for durability and long life
  • This is an officially licensed replica.
  • Clear body (finished example shown)

 infomation from www.hpiracing.com