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Jumaat, 30 Mac 2012

SPADA 09L NISSAN March Cup Car

Race a realistic compact car powered by the SIRIO 09 engine at breathtaking speed!
User-friendly high-performance creates a fresh new racing experience.
Having made its worldwide impact with the Mini-Inferno 09, the SIRIO 09 engine is now loaded on the SPADA 09 chassis with a 24mm longer wheelbase to launch the ‘SPADA 09L’. To realize its maximum power, the 4WD and 2-speed A/T drive train are combined with a high-performance suspension system. The simple chassis design requires no difficult setting adjustments to deliver its excellent running performance, as Kyosho’s many years of racing experience and know-how have been applied for a setting-free chassis that delivers controllable high-speed. The perfect introduction to GP cars or as a second car, the realistic body form and rubber tires recreate the atmosphere of real car racing.

Rigid front axle greatly contributes to driving stability and supports rubber tire performance.

SPADA 09 wheelbase has been lengthened by 24mm for great running stability and dimensions even closer to the real car.

Newly designed rear axle suspension moves the axle mount with suspension stroke for superior control characteristics.
Includes SIRIO 09 engine with easy-start and adjustment features. Also includes clutch, manifold and tuned muffler.

Includes official NISMO decals. Paint the body in a single color, and apply the decals so you can start your own March Cup.
  • Chassis designed specifically for 1/10, 09-size engine scale touring car racing.
  • 2-belt drive 4WD delivers excellent racing performance.
  • Equipped with 2-speed A/T unit as standard.
  • Features rear ball differential.
  • 3mm thick Aluminum delivers a high rigidity and strengthened main chassis.
  • 38cc fuel tank provides longer run time.
  • Design officially approved by the manufacturer for accuracy in scale form and detail.
  • Standard size servos can be used.
  • Uses same brake unit as the V-ONE Series models.
  • Includes AAA-size battery box with BEC connector for the receiver.
  • Compatible with the Ni-MH battery pack for the Mini-Inferno 09 receiver.
  • Includes 14 ball bearings in full bearing specifications.
  • Front & Rear is fitted with high-grip rubber tires that add to scale appearance.
  • Simply attach the officially approved NISMO die-cut decals after painting the body in a single-color to complete. You can even recreate the atmosphere of the March Cup by attaching your favorite racing number.

< Required for Operation >
  • 2-channel 2-servo R/C system for cars
  • Starter box for engine starting (MULTI STARTER BOX 2.0)
  • 7.2V battery pack for starter box
  • Batteries for glow plug heater
  • Batteries as specified for transmitter and 4 x AA-size alkaline batteries for receiver
  • Fuel
  • Paint for the body
Regarded as the gateway to motor sports, the March Cup attracts a huge number of entries. This one-make race with the Nissan March gives many drivers the taste of what motor racing is all about. The 1200ccM/T K12 March is the base model for this event. Whether the car is new or used, if it meets the specifications set down for the race, it can be entered. Racing for the pure enjoyment and excitement of motor sports is something that the March Cup and Kyosho R/C have in common.

infomation from www.kyosho.com

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