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Khamis, 31 Mac 2011

Trip Memancing kelah....

Assalamualaikum dan salam satu malaysia....
 Pada tanggal 16 april 2011 jam 12.01am.. aku dan beberapaorang rakan rakan akan pergi memancing kelah... dah lama tak melakukan aktiviti sebegitu dengan merentas hutan dan menyusuri sungai...... kami akan pergi ke Taman negara Kuala Koh..... untuk ekspidisi mencari raja ikan air tawar....( sungai ). 
Last sekali aku mancing kelah pada tahun 2004.... lama tu.... jadi bila aku pindah ke tempat kerja kat tg malim ni jadi ramaila kekawan yg kaki pancing...... jd diaorg last pergi mancing kelah pada tahun 2008.... jd kali bercadang untuk pergi mencari raja ikan air tawar ni..... aku dah tak sabar rasanya nak pergi........ jd tunggula...........


Rabu, 30 Mac 2011


# 106540

The engine that took Atsushi Hara to his second 1/8th buggy Worlds podium (and nearly won him two consecutive World titles!) is going to be available from HB as a special Atsushi Hara Edition HB .21 race engine. This engine will be the exact same spec as the engine he used at the 2010 Worlds in Thailand, and will be available for YOUR D8 or other racing buggy or truggy!
  • Pro racing engine
  • Exact spec as used by Hara at 2010 Worlds
  • Vice-World Champion
  • Race legal 3.5cc capacity
  • Type 21J slide carburetor (wider range of needle adjustment, easy setup)
  • Lightened & laser-etched Hara Edition cooling head
  • Perfect fit for your D8 Atsushi Hara Edition or any top-spec racing buggy
  • Hara Edition black reducer (6mm)
  • Hara Edition DLC coated lightweight crankshaft (high response)
  • Steel ball bearings
  • Black crank case

Displacement: 3.49cc (0213cu.in.)
Bore: 16.27mm (0.641in.)
Stroke: 16.8mm (0.661in.)
Practical R.P.M: 4,000~40,000 r.p.m
Power output: 2.6ps / (34,000 r.p.m)
Weight: 362g (12.760z.)

Nitro Star 15SS
#1601 (precut crankshaft for RC10GT)

The features of this engine include: aluminum case, machined aluminum heat sink head, chro-moly crankshaft with ported air intake, rotary carburetor with high-end and low-end needle valves for tuning. The carb has a 5.5mm opening for increased air flow and an idle stop screw.

ABC (Aluminum piston, Brass sleeve, Chrome plated sleeve)
2.47 cc
RPM range
3,500 to 35,000
* These figures are estimates from the manufacturer of the engine. Like most R/C car companies, HPI purchases engines from model engine manufacturers, we do not have a testing lab or dyno to rate our engines.

 infomation from www.hpiracing.com


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Rabu, 23 Mac 2011


Siapa tak kenal benda ni kan?... sekarang tempat aku dah mula dah musimnye........ Raja segala Buah.....

Tu la rupanya isi durian yg baik..... bkn durian siam tau tapi durian malaysia aka durian Kampung.......

Walau pun kulitnya nipis tapi isi dia tebal gile.... Ni bukan apa.. pagi tadi member office aku tetiba je balik dari sarapan pagi bawak balik durian 8 biji durian yg dibeli mereka.... di dusun dekat sini... Tanjong Malim Perak... apa lagi aku pun tak tunggula.... walaupun aku tgh berpantang coz kaki aku x berapa ok lg... tapi aku ni jenis pantang jumpa jer....... ate gile ke jumpe deroyan mike tak nak makan... kalo rope tu tentu dia bukan orang perak le tu..... dah tentu la teman ni org kuale kangso... setempat dgn Mr Os.... yg nyanyi lagu deroyan doh bebunge tu..... Aku siap makan dgn pulut lg tu... gile punye kawan siap beli pulut putih tu....memang deme ni kaki makan deroyan punye..... tau je nak bagi lagi sedap deroyan tu...... erkkkkkkkk.......... alhamdulillah.... syukur nikmat yg tuhan bagi sungguh enak.... amin.....

Selasa, 22 Mac 2011

Honda Civic Baru 2012

 model sporty 2 pintu

 Ekzos di tengah tengah

 Model 4 pintu

 Bumbung Hitam yang menawan

 Gaya aerodinamik yg cukup memukau

Gambar ini telah di copy dari blog gila modified.... Thanks khairul for the latest imformation....

Isnin, 21 Mac 2011

Pertandingan memancing kembali lagi.....

Tu dia Dia datang lagi untuk tahun ini..... ala bukan lah grand sangat pun.... tapi utk thn ni kelab pembangunan JPPHB telah mengadakan pertandingan memancing tertutup utk ahli kelab sahaja.... dan hadiahnya merupakan wang tunai dah hamper. Berbeza pada 2tahun sudah, dimana hadiahnya merupakan alatan memancing....... untuk pengetahuan semua aku akan cuba mempertahankan kejuaraan 2tahun lalu untu kali ke 2 tahun ni... inshaallah. Pada 2tahun sudah aku memenangi tempat pertama memenangi sebuah mesin kekili Abu Garcia Caldina....berharga Rmxxx.xx. Pada tahun ni aku berhasrat untuk kekakan kejuaraan tersebut dan meragkul hadiah pertama Iaiti wang tunai RM500.00.... Inshaallah.... doa-doakanlah kejayaan ku ...amin......

Abu Garcia Cardinal yang aku menangi 2tahun sudah.

Rabu, 16 Mac 2011

HPI Racing....

American Hot Rod Street Car!

The RTR Sprint 2 Sport is a fun, easy to drive and simple to maintain street car, featuring a belt-drive 4WD touring car for total control at all times. You will get blistering acceleration, high top speeds and pinpoint control with our specially designed D compound treaded Vintage tyres, pre-mounted on HPI Vintage 8-spoke matte chrome wheels. The chassis is factory assembled right out of the box, making the Sprint 2 Sport the quick and easy way to practice your mad racing skills. The RTR Sprint 2 Sport is a complete machine that looks and drives just like the real thing!

The Sprint 2 Sport is now available fitted with the classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro bodyshell for American steel good looks and muscle car performance!

The Sprint 2 Sport is a rock solid car that includes almost everything you need, just add your own battery pack, charger, and AA batteries
for the transmitter and you're ready to drive! Supplying the Sprint 2 in this form allows you to pick and choose the exact battery/charger setup you want, so you can be ready for full throttle racing or hours of car park fun! If you want to compete on a race track, all of the foundations are in place to tune your Sprint 2 SPport for fast lap times and good fun. Or, just drive it in the street with your racing buddies for fun. There's no better way to enjoy high-performance in a 4WD touring car. Get the RTR Sprint 2 Sport!

note: this kit is fitted with #3815 and #3820 Vintage Matte Chrome wheels with #4793 and #4797 Vintage Racing D-Compound

The Sprint 2 Sport is loaded with features:

  • HPI Firebolt 15-turn motor
  • HPI SC-15 reversing electronic speed control
  • Extra-tough Sprint 2 components
  • Fully adjustable suspension
  • Belt-driven 4 wheel drive
  • Race-proven suspension geometry
  • Sealed gear differentials
  • Flux-optimized gearing
  • High quality electronics

RC yg mengkagumkan..... dari HPI Racing...

Introducing "True Ten Scale: True Looks, True Engineering"

The Cup Racer kit is now available with the legendary BMW 2002 in a fantastic build-it-yourself car kit! The Cup Racer combines amazing features and racing spec in true-to-scale one-tenth size, in what we like to call 'True Ten' design! With the HPI True Ten performance chassis, you have the opportunity to experience the joy of owning a super-realistic representation of some of the most legendary sports cars ever made.

Incredible attention to detail and scale realism makes the HPI BMW 2002 body a true replica of the car that defined sports car racing for a generation of fans. The BMW 2002 is one of the old-school classics that car collectors the world over rate as one of the most influential sports cars of its time. This is the car that solidified BMW firmly in the compact sports coupe class and set the precedent for the firm's 3 Series and the almighty M3.

#101559 - CUP RACER 1M KIT W/ BMW 2002

Ultimate Scale Realism

The concept behind the Cup Racer and True Ten scale is simple: to make the best-looking, most realistic car models available. To do this, the HPI body production department teamed up with our top car designers to put together the the True Ten look, which authentically reproduces actual cars in a way that makes them look exactly like the real thing. These aren't slammed and lowered versions lookalikes designed for ultimate performance, though: the True Ten ideal is to replicate the real cars as they are in real life - in width, height, length and detail, with details so precise that real car fans wouldn't be able to tell the difference at first glance.

Authentic Detailing

The True Ten series features the most painstaking attention to detail that our designers have ever tackled. Every body line and curve from the real car is represented in the crash-resistant bodyshell. Every door line, bootlid and side skirt is represented exactly as it appears on the real car. There are even reproductions of the actual windscreen wipers, bumpers, exhaust systems and mirrors, allowing the HPI True Ten series to deliver the utmost in scale car driving!

HPI graphics designers are already legendary for producing the most accurate bodyshell graphics you can find, and when you combine that with the uniquely crystal-clear bodyshells from our body production department and the new ultra-scale accessories, you get pure scale magic.

To complete the True Ten concept, the challenge of the design team was to put the scale bodies on a chassis that is truly deserving of the ultimate scale looks. This involved a complete re-think of how scale RC cars are designed and used by today's RC hobbyists. Scale modelers want something that just works, however experienced RC hobbyists and racers want something that can be tuned to perform. We think our guys nailed it.

Read on to find out more!

Ready to Perform

Experienced RC racers will be able to take one look at the Cup Racer chassis and see for themselves the performance potential of this all-new chassis! A huge array of tuning adjustments is possible using the standard kit parts.

The Cup Racer features full-time 4WD, a super-stiff chassis, oil-filled shocks and inboard front shocks, plus as the ability to independently adjust suspension settings such as caster, camber, track width, roll centre, wheelbase, anti-dive, anti-squat, droop and much more! If you like your cars to drive as well as they look, the Cup Racer is for you!
Designed for Excellence

From the very start, the True Ten scale Cup Racer was engineered for top-level performance at a reasonable cost - while still maintaining the true-to-scale look that scale modelers desire. To accomplish this, HPI designers have taken it upon themselves to perfect concepts that long-time HPI owners may recognize, but haven't seen in their ultimate, final form.

With the Cup Racer, you can find elements of past HPI achievements put together to make the ultimate scale RC enthusiast's machine - ready for your hands to assemble and create the magic that is radio control modeling.

Total Adjustability

Hex hubs: 0mm + 4mm
Spacers: 1mm + 2mm
With the True Ten chassis, you will be able to fit a wide range of upcoming HPI True Ten bodyshells, as well as available bodyshells such as the popular M-chassis models. Because real cars have varying dimensions such as width, wheelbase and height, HPI designers have created the True Ten chassis to be as flexible as possible when fitting true-to-scale bodyshells.

What this means is that you can easily change the wheelbase of the car to suit short or long wheelbase cars (210mm or 225mm). Also very important is the width of the car - you will be able to incrementaly widen or narrow the width of the chassis by as little as 1mm at a time, and up to 13mm per side, with a combination of hex hub adapters, spacers and offset wheels. You'll be able to get the on-the-edge sports car look or the sedate passenger car look in a matter of minutes with the ingenius True Ten spacer system!

Variable Offset Wheels

To help you get a totally realistic looks, we will be offering a range of reproduction classic wheel types to suit the True Ten chassis.

Like the popular Rays TE37 replica drift wheels from HPI, the True Ten wheels will be offered in the widest selection of wheel offsets available to RC modelers: standard 0mm offset, wider 3mm offset for an extra 6mm of total width, and the 6mm deep-offset design for widening the car a full 12mm from the wheels alone!

0mm, 3mm and 6mm off set wheels

Fits a Massive Range of Bodyshells

As you can see here, the True Ten chassis is designed from the ground up to be totally realistic and true to scale: true one-tenth scale! With a huge variety of real cars to choose from, plus the range of M-type bodyshells available already, we wanted to make sure that RC scale fanatics would be able to fit any available bodyshell on the chassis with a minimum of hassle.

A selection of body posts will be available to custom-fit any True Ten or M-chassis bodyshell, using a variety of body post locations. Even car designs with low-profile front ends will fit, thanks to the laydown-style front shocks! Coupe-style bodies will fit easily with the changeable rear post mount location. In short, ANY M-chassis bodyshell will fit, to allow you to replicate ANY car you like!

The front shock fitting can also be changed to a more standard upright shock setting, or a laydown configuration to help fit low-profile bodyshells.

Coming soon from HPI is an all-new selection of classic sports cars from the pages of history: cars that challenged the ideal and toppled the mightiest giants. Check back here for updates after the official kit release!

The chassis will take any stick, side-by-side or even hard-case LiPo battery packs in the uniquely cool swing-out battery tray. Standard-height servos fit in the slickly designed laydown area, and if want to fit modern low-profile servos, these will fit in a stand-up position if you choose, for a more central position in the chassis.

Build It Yourself
To get the full appreciation of the design quality of any model car, you really have to build it from the ground up. By seeing how every part works in perfect harmony with the rest of the car, you will understand and truly appreciate the time and skill that went into its engineering. This is why the Cup Racer is available as a build-it-yourself kit only. With just a few tools you will build the ultimate scale model chassis, ready for display, playing about or even all-out racing!

All Imfomayion from www.hpiracing.com