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Sabtu, 2 April 2011


FS-GT2 2.4G 2CH Gun Transmitter for Radio Controlled Cars w/ Receiver (Complete Set)



This is a BRAND NEW! FS-GT2 2.4G 2CH Gun Transmitter

One of the new breakthroughs in hobby radio technology is the use of 2.4GHz technology, which gives RC fans of all skill levels the fastest, smoothest, and most reliable control possible at a very low cost that doesn't empty your wallet. The Fly-Sky 2.4GHz radio equipment in particular has advantages that greatly benefit new R/Cers. You never have to worry about signal conflicts, and never need to wait for an open frequency when you're eager to enjoy a day of racing with other modelers!

The Fly-Sky 2.4Ghz comes with some serious capabilities. There are many features and functions of the Fly-Sky 2.4Ghz that were created with the racer in mind, but it's easy to navigate and makes it beginner friendly as well. It's light weight, with the complete package with receiver technology make the Fly-Sky 2.4Ghz one of the smartest choice on the market for all new and expert racers, boaters, or backyard basher.
  • Channels: 2Channels;
  • Model type: Car/boat;
  • RF Power: less than 20dbm;
  • Modulation: GFSK;
  • Code type: Digital;
  • Sensitivity:1024;
  • Low voltage warning: yes(less than 9w);
  • DSC port: yes (3.5mm);
  • Charger port: yes;
  • Power:12V DC(1.5AA*8);
  • Weight:328g;p 

1/10th Drift Tires+Rims 




12kg Metal Gear Twin Bearing Servo 140

HXT12K (MG995) 12kg Metal Gear Twin Bearing Servo

This is an excellent servo, it is sold in other countries under many different names.

Below are the specs I got from the manufacturer
Size: 40.6mm*19.8mm*37.8mm
Weight: 49.2gr
Speed: .26sec (6V)
Torque: 12Kg/cm (6V)
Voltage: 4.8V~7.2V


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