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Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

Nissan NISMO R34 GT-R Z-

Nissan NISMO R34 GT-R Z-
The world famous Nissan NISMO R34 GT-R Z-Tune now comes loaded on the impressive drift spec TT-01D chassis and is just waiting for you to drift it around the track.

- Based on the lightweight and user-friendly TT-01 chassis for effortless assembly.
- 4WD shaft driven bathtub chassis with coil spring damped, 4-wheel independent double
wishbone suspension and sealed front and rear differential gearbox.
- Drift-spec modifications include special suspension tuning, full ball bearings, sport-tuned
motor, aluminum heat sink, CVA mini shock dampers and short springs and adjustable upper
- Polycarbonate body captures the GT-R's beautiful shape including parts such as the front and
rear fenders, wing, and the hood's air outlet.
- Super Driftech tires are made from resin and rubber compound specially designed for long-
lasting drift action.
- Includes Electronic Speed Controller (TEU-101 BK) and RS-540 Sport Tuned Motor.
- Includes LED Light Unit (TLU-01) and 2 x white LED's (Front) and 2 x red LED's (Rear).
- Add separately available LED lights for a greater sense of realism.
- Add Tamiya LED Light Control Unit (TLU-02) Item 53937 for more control of light operations.
- Wide variety of tune-up parts are separately available to further customize your machine.
- 2-channel R/C system, 7.2V battery and charger separately required.

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