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Rabu, 11 Ogos 2010


Ford Bronco 1973 4WD

grip in rock craw The Famous “Early Bronco” This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit of the Ford Bronco which is called “Early Bronco” and is greatly popular as a cross-country vehicle in the U.S. The subject of this R/C car is the 1973 wagon model which has a white rear cover. The distinctive body style which features raised front hood sides has been realistically reproduced with polycarbonate, and separately molded metal plated parts which depict front grille, light covers, and side mirrors add great scale realism. The CR-01 chassis features 4-link rigid suspension with oil dampers and shaft drive 4WD drivetrain with lockable differentials. The model comes equipped with beadlock wheels and the Cliff Crawler Tires which feature tread pattern on the sidewalls to provide maximum ling environments.

About the Ford Bronco American 4WD vehicles produced prior to 1966 were viewed as large, crude machines, but the Ford Bronco which was released that year broke the mold with its compact design and created a dynasty. It was offered in three body types: the open-top roadster, the “sport utility” half cab, and the wagon. The chassis featured a drivetrain from the Ford F100 pick-up that matched the new frame and suspension. In particular, the front suspension was equipped with coil springs to provide both a comfortable ride and superb off-road capability. The first generation "Early Broncos" were produced until 1977 and remain extremely popular as cross-country and rock-climbing vehicles even today.

Specifications ●Length: 435mm ●Width: 263mm ●Height: 262mm ●Weight: 2300g ●Wheelbase: 288mm ●Tread (Front, Rear): 208mm ●Tire Width/Diameter (Front, Rear): 57/125mm ●Chassis: Ladder Frame with Aluminum Side Channels and Resin Cross Members ●Drivetrain: Shaft-Driven 4WD ●Diff Gear: 3-Bevel Diff (standard: locked setting)  ●Planetary Gearbox ●Suspension: (Front/Rear) 4-Link Rigid ●Front and Rear CVA Oil Dampers ●Gear Ratio: 1:40.5 ●Electronic Speed Controller (separately required) ●RS540 Type Motor

■Lockable Differential
Front and rear 3-bevel diffs can be locked to provide the ultimate level of off-road traction.

■Planetary Gearbox
Compact gearbox tranfers power to all 4 wheels and the small size enables lower battery position for better center of gravity.

■Steering Servo
Steering servo is mounted in a servo bed above the axle in an innovative way so as to not interfere with suspension movement.

■Suspension II
Dampers are actuated via pushrods and rocker arms. Separate coil springs act as tension springs to help maintain a controllable stance.

4-link rigid suspension features front and rear stabilizers and provides a sure-footed performance.

■Wheels & Tires
The Cliff Crawler Tires feature tread pattern on the sidewalls to provide maximum grip in rock crawling environments. They are mounted on 3-piece beadlock wheels.

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