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Rabu, 11 Ogos 2010


High Performance Motor Transpeed Brushless 6.5T
(12mm Dia. Rotor)

Item No42155TRF Series No.155
These sensor brushless motors are designed for expert R/C drivers. The rotor diameter has been reduced to 12mm, and 4 different specs from 6.5-9.5T offer more setting possibilities for on-road and off-road tracks. The motor has an aluminum casing and enables timing adjustment.
※Do not use for drift driving.
(ITEM 42155) 6.5TKV: 5,700rpm/volt, Power: 374W, Input Voltage: 4.8V-7.2V
(ITEM 42156) 7.5TKV: 4,900rpm/volt, Power: 323W, Input Voltage: 4.8V-7.2V
(ITEM 42157) 8.5TKV: 4,400rpm/volt, Power: 292W, Input Voltage: 4.8V-7.2V
(ITEM 42158) 9.5TKV: 4,100rpm/volt, Power: 271W, Input Voltage: 4.8V-7.2V
Compatible ESC
(ITEM 42144) Volac Brushless BL2
(ITEM 42127) Volac Brushless

High Performance ESC Volac Brushless BL2
Item No42144TRF Series No.144
This compact high-performance sensor brushless ESC features 10 Power Profiles to allow adjustment of the ESC to your ideal setting. It also features programs to adjust settings such as Initial Brake (10 values) and Automatic Brake which works in the neutral range (10 values). A low profile cooling fan which can be mounted onto the heat sink is also included. The blue metal-plated case has laser-engraved logos on both sides.
※Do not use for drift driving.
Compatible Motors
ITEM42155-42158 Transpeed Brushless Motor (12mm Dia. Rotor) (6.5T-9.5T)
ITEM42124-42126 Transpeed Brushless Motor (3.5T-7.5T)

1/10 R/C Limited Edition

M-05 PRO Chassis Kit (Blue Plated Version)
Chassis Length=299mm ( Image shows assembled model ).

Limited Release Blue Version The immensely popular M-05 PRO chassis now comes released as a special blue-plated version assembly kit. The eye-catching blue-plated resin chassis frame and damper stays as well as clear blue damper cylinders enhance the racing aura. In addition, to name it PRO, the kit comes standard with many Option Parts such as Aluminum Servo Horn and Aluminum Rear Uprights.

3 Wheelbase Lengths/Plenty Body Choice Battery pack, motor, and R/C unit are positioned lower than the tire height for optimum weight distribution and a low center of gravity. Three wheelbase lengths are possible (210mm/225mm/239mm) by simply switching the position of parts from the rear suspension. The chassis is compatible with M-03 chassis bodies, providing you with a wide range of body choice. The 60D radial tires with realistic tread pattern are mounted on the black plated 11-spoke wheels.

Main Equipment ●M-03R Aluminum Rear Uprights (Blue) ●Hi-Torque Servo Saver ●Aluminum Horn for Hi-Torque Servo Saver ●CVA Oil Damper Super Mini (Clear Blue Cylinder) ●Short Springs for TRF Dampers (Soft/Medium/Hard) ●1150 Ball Bearings ●850 Ball Bearings ●Aluminum Ball Connectors (Blue) ●5mm Aluminum Ball Connector Nuts (Blue) ●2.0mm Setting Spacers (Blue) ●3.0mm Setting Spacers (Blue) ●4mm Aluminum Flange Lock Nuts (Blue)

Specificaions ●Chassis Length: 299mm (when assembled in 239mm wheelbase), Chassis Width: 165mm
●3 Wheelbases (210mm, 225mm, 239mm) can be assembled. ●Tread (Front & Rear): 138mm ●Front-Mounted Motor Front Wheel Drive ●3-Bevel Differential Gear ●3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod ●Front & Rear Double Wishbone Suspension
●Front & Rear CVA Oil Damper Super Mini ●Gear Ratio=5.8 :1 ●Tire Width/Diameter (Front & Rear) 25/59mm
●Requires Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately).

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